Personal dashboard: Utilities


This dashboard section can be accessed only by users with Admin or Technical role.

The Check IP and Trace utilities in the Qrator Labs dashboard can be useful for diagnosing user problems.

Check IP address detail

Using the IP Check utility, you can find out how Qrator Labs reverse proxies treat inbound traffic from a given IP address. The utility is available for domains and services. If you have multiple domains or services configured in your account, the status of the same IP address may be different for them.

To use the utility:

  1. Select the domain under Domains or service under Services.

  2. Select Check IP. (When working with a domain, this menu item is found in submenu Utilities)

  3. In the text box, enter the IP address.

  4. Click Search.

One of the following statuses will be shown next to the form.

  • Statuses in which traffic from the IP address is allowed without restriction:

    • IP address not blocked
    • IP address is on the "Whitelist"
    • IP address is upstream
  • Statuses in which traffic from an IP address is restricted:

    • IP address blocked via Qrator API
    • IP address blocked by WAF
    • IP address blocked by Qrator filtering system
    • Blocked based on HTTP error code (456) server response

View traceroute to IP address

With the Traceroute utility, you can see the route via which packets are sent from each of the [Qrator Labs traffic scrubbing centers] to a given IP. This utility is only available for domains.

To use the utility:

  1. Select your domain under Domains.

  2. Select UtilitiesTraceroute.

  3. Select the IP address of your upstream from the drop-down list.

  4. Specify the Port.

  5. Click Run.