Dashboard: Notifications (profile configuration)


This page describes notification settings for a specific user account. To learn about configuring notification thresholds for a resource, see Notifications (resource configuration).

In the Notifications section of the personal dashboard, you can enable or disable specific types of notifications from Qrator Labs for your user account.

Check or uncheck the appropriate checkboxes to modify the list of notifications you will receive. To save the changes, click Save in the notification at the bottom of the screen.

The enabled notifications will be sent to the email address specified in your profile.

Note that the following types of notifications are sent when a problem occurs that can lead to an incorrect operation of your resources:

  • Let’s Encrypt certificate auto-update for one of the resources was disabled,
  • Traffic thresholds notifications,
  • Bansize threshold notifications,
  • Certificate expiration.

Before disabling these types of notifications, we recommend making sure that they are enabled for at least one other user account.